Arabest Samir, Straight Egyptian Arabian stallion
El Shuja Wahid, Straight Egyptian Arabian stallion

Arabest Samir

(Akid Geshan x RA Amber Nabiel)

Straight Egyptian stallion

El Shuja Wahid

(Norus x Naftula by Moniet El Sharaf)

Straight Egyptian stallion

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Arabian Mares

Northwind Arabians has some of the finest Straight Egyptian Arabian horses. We offer both Arabians for sale and stallion services. Currently we are standing 2 Straight Egyptian Arabian stallions: Arabest Samir and El Shuja Wahid. Our horses offer varied pedigrees to suit the needs of today's horse owners, in halter and multiple performance divisions.

We strive to provide what suits your needs. We occasionally have horses for sale, so check back often.​

Why own an Arabian horse? They have plenty of athleticism and endurance. You will find Straight Egyptian Arabian horses in almost every discipline, especially in those that demand a lot of stamina, such as endurance racing. They are great with children, a mature Arabian makes a wonderful kid's horse. Arabians tend to be intelligent, sensitive, and people-oriented. They tend to be healthy and long-lived, often into their mid-30s! Arabians are also known for having tough, sound hooves with few problems. Their antics and beauty make them fun to watch in the pasture and their people loving personalities make them a joy to own!